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Here at Yalla Sawa we believe all good food starts with good produce. 

As a small family-owned business, our background growing up in a self-sufficient Mediterranean coastal town is the inspiration behind not only the food and wine at Yalla Sawa, but the atmosphere we hope to create – the way those lovingly-prepared communal feasts brought us together and reminded us of the people we shared them with, the story's told and the laughs had in those moments where time stood still. 

We've taken  Mumma’s generation-old recipes that we know and love and introduced the best of Australian local produce, fresh ideas and modern techniques to produce dishes that we know even Grandma would be proud of. 

Of course, a meal was never complete without the wine. It's in our blood. Our wine list takes you on a tour through time, providing a diversity of old-world wines from the iconic wine regions of the world to sustainably-produced wines from local winemakers.

Yalla Sawa, meaning 'come together' in Arabic, invites you to do just that- and join us in reliving our history and making new memories